THE PEZCOLLER FOUNDATION - Trento - Italy, is a non-profit organization created in 1980 by Prof. Alessio Pezcoller (1896 - 1993) Chief Surgeon at the Santa Chiara Hospital of Trento, Italy. The goal of the Foundation is to promote biomedical research in the field of cancer, through the organization of the following scientific events:

PEZCOLLER FOUNDATION-AACR INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVEMENTS IN CANCER RESEARCH: this 75.000 EURO prize is presented, every year, to a scientist who has made a major scientific discovery in the field of cancer. Only candidates nominated by a scientist of repute who is or was affiliated with an University, Academy or Institution will be considered eligible for the prize. The selection of the awardee is made by an International Committee consisting of eight voting members including the Chairperson, four members from AACR and four from the Pezcoller Foundation. The winner gives his/her award lecture during the AACR Annual meeting and receives the award at a ceremony at the Foundation’s headquarters in Trento, Italy.

PEZCOLLER FOUNDATION-EACR CANCER RESEARCH AWARD: celebrating academic excellence and achievements of young researchers in the field of cancer. This prestigious award and lecture is presented at the Biennial EACR Congress. The award includes 10.000 Euro.

THE PEZCOLLER SYMPOSIA: a series of annual symposia promoting interactions among scientists working at the cutting edge of basic oncological sciences.

PEZCOLLER SEMINARS: a series of educational meetings for local Medical Doctors.

PEZCOLLER FELLOWSHIPS: Pezcoller Foundation-AACR scolar-in-trainig awards to support participation in the AACR annual meeting by scientists in training who are travelling from Italy and Europe to present highly rated abstracts. Other scholarships and grants are provided for young European, Italian and local researchers.

THE PEZCOLLER FOUNDATION JOURNAL: to periodically report the Foundation's activities and provide a direct link between the Pezcoller Foundation and the international medical and scientific community. 

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Pezcoller Foundation: The goal of the Foundation is to promote biomedical research in the field of cancer