TRENTO, ITALY; JUNE 17-18, 2019


Co-Organizers: Alberto Bardelli, Cathrin Brisken, David Livingston, Massimo Loda, Stefano Piccolo, Maria Rescigno


Cancers are, in essence, products of organ and tissue development gone wrong. In fact, many critical cellular and organ-based operations from genome integrity, the behavior of one’s own microbiome, oxygen utilization and cell metabolism, orderly tissue and organ anatomy, disciplined cell behavior, and the immune response may become disordered in the interest of tumor development. In this year’s Symposium, the focus will be on the newest insights into the processes that give rise to cancer tissue and its persistence. Also included will be recent findings that have the potential to influence clinical cancer therapeutics in novel ways.
The 31st Symposium continued to register a very high attendance (197 participants) and poster presentations (30), compared to the previous years. This was partly due to the increased popularity of the Pezcoller Symposia, but mostly to the spectacular program and faculty, put together by the Symposium Scientific Committee headed by dr. Livingston. In addition to the best international experts involved, this year Symposium was further enriched by the prestigious keynote lecture given by Sean Morrison.
Pezcoller President Galligioni welcoming partecipants to the 31st Symposium, June 17, 2019
Chairman of the Pezcoller Symposia David Livingston, introducing focus and goal of the 31st Symposium
Sean Morrison's Keynote Lecture
Final discussion
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