The Pezcoller Foundation - Maria Begnudelli Fellowship Awards (to the 3 best posters presented at the Pezcoller Symposia)

Established in 2003, thanks to a legacy of Maria Begnudelli

  • To recognize the three best posters presented at the annual Pezcoller Symposium.
  • The winners:
    • are selected on a competitive basis by the Symposium Scientific Committee
    • are invited to present their results, in front of the Symposium Faculty and all attendants
    • receive an award of 500 euros

Starting from the 2003 Symposium, more than 50 young Researchers have been awarded so far.

The 2023 awardees are:
Zingg Daniel, The Netherlands Cancer Institute: Truncated FGFR2 – a clinically actionable oncogene in multiple cancers

Boccalatte Francesco, Università di Padova: Long-range oncogene regulation by 3D chromatin conformation in acute T cell leukemia

Sommaggio Roberta, Università di Padova: Adoptive cell therapy with Cytokine-Induced Killer cells retargeted with immunotools against HER-2 expressing breast cancer.

Vittoria Francesco Maria, Vita-Salute San Raffaele - Università di Milano: IL-1b+ macrophages fuel pathogenic inflammation in pancreatic cancer

The 2023 Winners of the Pezcoller Foundation-Maria Begnudelli Fellowship Awards with the Symposium Chairman dr Kaelin, the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee dr Loda, and President Galligioni

The 2024 Pezcoller Foundation - Maria Begnudelli Awards will be given during the next Pezcoller Symposium (June 2024).
Zingg Daniel
Boccalatte Francesco
Sommaggio Roberta
Vittoria Francesco Maria
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