June 13–14, 2022 – Trento, Humanities Department, University of Trento, Italy

What are the obstacles to cancer immunotherapy success?

Focus and Goals

The next 2022 Pezcoller Symposium in Trento “What are the obstacles to cancer immunotherapy success?” will focus on where cancer immunotherapy currently stands, where the stumbling blocks to greater success lie, and how best to overcome them. This is the 33rd of a series of small but impactful and visionary meetings, always focused on new developments in cancer research and not yet part of the panoply of annual cancer science meetings. We believe that the 2022 topic fits this description. Next summer in fact, we will again bring together a group of deeply perceptive scientists, all leading researchers, who can crystallize which new scientific knowledge is likely to inform clinical cancer immunotherapy and shed light on the mechanisms that affect the efficacy and underscore the pitfalls of this therapeutic modality.

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