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34° SIMPOSIO PEZCOLLER, 19-20 giugno 2023

New Technologies for Studying
and Treating Cancer


Trento, Dipartimento di Lettere - via Tommaso Gar, 14
19-20 giugno 2023

Major advances in technology have historically enabled new waves of scientific discoveries and new ways of diagnosing and treating patients. This symposium seeks to highlight recent technological advances that have changed, or will change, the way we study cancer and the ways we treat patients. Topics will include new ways to create chemical diversity, to choose drug targets, to pharmacologically address “undruggable” drug targets, to interrogate cancer with heretofore unimaginable spatial and temporal resolution (including at the single cell level), and to reengineer the immune system for therapeutic benefit.

Pezcoller Symposium Journal


PREMIO MARIA BEGNUDELLI ai migliori poster: vincitori 2023 

In collaborazione con ESO-European School of Oncology (Milano) e il Dipartimento CIBIO dell'Università di Trento

Interviste (Presidente dr Galligioni, Symposium Chairman dr Kaelin, Scientific Evaluation Committee Chairman dr Loda)
The keynote lecture of 2021 Nobel Laureate dr David W. MacMillan
2021 Nobel Laureate dr MacMillan, President Galligioni, 2019 Nobel Laureate dr Kaelin
President Galligioni opening the 34th Pezcoller Symposium
Poster exhibition
34th Pezcoller Symposium Trento, June 19 2023
Career Development Panel Discussion
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