The Pezcoller Foundation organizes and promotes its activities thanks to the support of the Board of Directors and the Secretary staff.

The Board of Directors consists of 1 President and 10 members:
a) one elected by the President of the Provincial Council of Trento;
b) one elected by the Mayor of the Municipality of Trento;
c) one elected by the Mayor of the Municipality of Rovereto;
d) one elected by the CARITRO Foundation;
e) one elected by the Prefect of Trento;
f) the President of the Medical Doctors Association or a person elected from him/her;
g) the Rector of the Univerisity of Trento or a person elected from him/her;
h) four elected by the previous Pezcoller Foundation Board of Directors.
(art . 6 of the Statute)

 All members of the Board of Directors serve the Foundation on a voluntary basis and last 5 years.

The correctness and appropriateness of all economic activities of the Foundation are checked and certified by a Committee of professional Statutory Auditors.
Enzo Galligioni
Gios Bernardi
President Emeritus
Paolo Stefenelli
Vice President
Paolo Piccoli
Board of Directors
Alessandro Quattrone
Board of Directors
Mario Cristofolini
Board of Directors
Giovanni de Pretis
Board of Directors
Pietro Monti
Board of Directors
Gianfranco Bernabei
Board of Directors
Manuela Zanoni
Board of Directors
Giulia Robol
Board of Directors
Lorenzo Manfredi
Board of Directors
Michele Iori
Statutory Auditors - President
Flavia Chiossone
Statutory Auditor
Emiliano Dorighelli
Statutory Auditor
Federica Mandato
General management and administration
Veronica Foletto
Scientific Officer, Event Organiser, Public relations
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