A series of oncologic educational meetings for Doctors and Health Professionals.
  • mostly at a loco-regional level
  • to update knowledge and share experiences
The Seminars are promoted by clinicians, usually in collaboration with the local Scientific Societies and Health Agencies.
The corresponding applications are evaluated by the Pezcoller Board, in terms of appropriateness, relevance and economic support.


Faculty and Participants of the 35° Pezcoller Seminar | Trento, May 9-10 2024

In addition, the Pezcoller Foundation supports numerous local Educational Initiatives and Workshops, which are individually proposed by clinical and basic researchers, and the Annual Pezcoller Lecture at NIBIT Meeting.
35th Seminar
1° Seminario Pezcoller - Società Italiana Cancerologia
34th Seminar
33rd Seminar
32nd Seminar
31st Seminar
30th Seminar
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