Scientific collaborations

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

Established in 1907, it is the oldest and most important scientific society for cancer research. Since 1997, the Pezcoller Foundation is collaborating with AACR for the selection of the winners of the International Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Cancer Research.

European Association for Cancer research (EACR)

Established in 1968, EACR promotes collaboration in the field of cancer research, from basic research to prevention, to clinical applications.

The Pezcoller Foundation has collaborated with EACR for:

Italian Cancer Society (SIC)

Established in 1952, to promote experimental and clinical advancement of cancer science. Since 2006, the Pezcoller Foundation collaborates with SIC, for:

University of Trento


  • PhD Fellowships (since 2020)
  • Scientific Lectures 
  • Highlights of the Pezcoller Symposium (since 2021, in collaboration with ESO - European School of Oncology)

Network Italiano per la Bioterapia dei Tumori (NIBIT)

Established in 2004, it is a cooperative organization that collects and coordinates the activities of Italian groups involved in clinical and experimental biotherapy and cancer immunotherapy.

The Pezcoller Foundation has been collaborating with NIBIT since 2019, supporting 

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